Tasters Guild Champagne Brunch

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We’re proud to host the Ann Arbor Tasters Guild’s annual champagne brunch on December 11. Our Chef Adam worked with the guild’s leadership to develop an amazing menu for the event:

  • Assorted Quiche
  • Parisian Gnocchi
  • Smoked Fjord Trout
  • Champagne-Poached Pear & Kale Salad
  • Pumpkin Waffles with Maple-Glazed Apples
  • Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Array
  • House-Made Breakfast Pastries
  • House-Made Petits Fours

There’s still time to register for the event! Reservations by December 4 are $59.50 for Guild members and $64.50 for non-members. Sign up today before the cost increases!

At the Bar: Ordering Wine with Food

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‘Tis the season of entertaining! Many of us enjoy holiday celebrations out on the town around this time of year, and many of us are intimidated when it comes to ordering wine to share with the table. Our very own John Jonna explains the basics in our latest “At the Bar” vlog. Watch and learn all you need to know to order wine while dining out, like a pro!


At the Bar: White Russians!

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It’s no secret that we’ve long had a soft spot for our neighbors at Ann Arbor Distilling Company. Our affection is now officially off the charts with the introduction of Spaulding’s, its limited edition coffee liqueur.

Why do we love this liqueur? For starters, Spaulding’s is made with Mighty Good espresso blend coffee, so it’s like double dipping in supporting our fellow Ann Arbor companies. Plus, it’s simply delicious.

Although it’s delicious on its own, Spaulding’s inspired our head bartender Mark to create the perfect White Russian for our fall bar menu. Stop in and indulge!

What’s in your glass? Petit Verdot!

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As part of our At the Bar vlog series, we invited wine expert Joe DeRose to talk with us about a very special wine: Petit verdot. He explains what’s in the bottle, what it pairs with, and where it came from, all to help you fully appreciate this taste sensation. He also notes that Vinology is the only restaurant in Ann Arbor where it’s available!

Bob Sparrow Explains: Meat 101

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One of the things we’re most proud of about our menu is our commitment to sourcing as much as we can locally. As a result, we’ve built a strong relationship with our neighbor, Sparrow Meat Market. Bob Sparrow’s expertise and quality meats make him a natural partner to our kitchen.

Recently, we asked Bob to talk about Meat 101 – what do you need to know when selecting meats, either at a restaurant or for your own kitchen. Watch him explain different cuts and what he throws on the grill when cooking at home!

Award-winning artist Ted Ramsey at Vinology on Sunday

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We’re proud to host Dickerson Art Gallery’s award-winning artist Ted Ramsay on Sunday, October 23, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Ted will talk about his artwork, some of which is on exhibition at Vinology right now. You don’t want to miss this chance to hear from an expert whose passion for art is unparalleled.

RSVP for this event by emailing dickerson.gallery@gmail.com.

Ramsay is Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design.

Ramsay has been a visiting artist at: Canberra Institute of Art, A.C.T.; University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania; University of Hawaii, Fiber Department, Manoa Campus, Hawaii; Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Holland; Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Penland School, Penland, North Carolina; Cranbrook Academy Art, Fiber Department, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; Southwest Craft Center, San Antonio, Texas; and The University of Toledo, Department of Art at the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio.

Ted Ramsay’s work has been published in The Art and Craft of Papermaking, Sophie Dawson, Quarto Publishing, London, 1992;Sculpture: Technique-Form-Content; Arthur Williams, Davis Publications, 1989; Making It In Paper: An Indianian Mill, Twinrocker: Kathryn Clark, NEA grant publication; Glas & Keramiek, Asperen, Netherlands, 1988; The Art of Papermaking, Bernard Toal, 1983;  and Emphasis: Art, Wachowiak and Ramsay, International Textbook Company, Scranton, Pennsylvania 1965.

Since coming to Michigan, Ted Ramsay’s work has been exhibited in invitational exhibitions and one person shows at the Element Gallery in New York; Gruen Gallery in Chicago; Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Duren, Germany; University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Flint Institute of Art, Flint, Michigan; Kidd Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan; Kalamazoo Institute of Art, Kalamazoo, Michigan; Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio; Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, Michigan; Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, California; Davenport Municipal Art Gallery, Davenport, Iowa; Gallery WooDuk, Seoul, Korea; Amsterdamseweg 441, Amstelveen, Netherlands; Orszagos Szechenyi Konyvtar Gallery, Budapest, Hungary; and the American Cultural Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Whatcha Drinking? A Primer on Blind Wine Tastings

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One of the most fun elements of our upcoming Black Wine Night events, offered on October 19 and October 26, is the blind wine tasting. Each of the dinner’s five courses is served with a specially-chosen wine… poured in a black glass from a bottle whose label is concealed by a black cloth. Throughout the meal, attendees will be encouraged to guess which wine they’re tasting; wines will be revealed at the end of the night.

Guessing the right wines can be made a little easier by understanding varietals, a concept that can be intimidating but really just means understanding that where grapes are grown impacts a wine’s texture and taste. We love this handy online resource for learning more about varietals as well as which wines pair well with specific foods and other wine info.

Want to test your blind tasting accuracy before Black Wine Night? Check out the exams that Master Sommeliers have to pass to be certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers. There are two exams: One for whites and one for reds.

Mighty Good Coffee, Indeed: At the Bar

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Not only do we source food and liquor locally, we source our coffee locally, too! We’re proud to have partnered with Ann Arbor’s Mighty Good Coffee for a custom Vinology blend. In our latest “At the Bar” vlog, mixologist Mark talks about the science of cold brew and what makes it sweeter than conventionally-brewed coffee. Tune in to see what makes this method of coffee prep special!


Vinology Vlog: Locally-sourced liquors

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At Vinology, we pride ourselves on our commitment to having a locally-sourced, seasonal menu. This goes for our bar menu, too.

We’re proud to feature Ann Arbor Distilling Company’s Water Hill vodka and gin, New Holland Brewing’s Knickerbocker gin, and Two James‘ Catcher’s Rye whiskey, Johnny Smoking Gun whiskey, and its 28 Island Vodka.

Check out these amazing local flavors on our vlog!