Executive Chef

James was born in Ann Arbor and grew up on a horse farm, which helped instill strong work ethic at a very young age. James looked up to his grandparents for direction in life. As a child, he discovered his passion for food, while making homemade biscuits and tweaking cookie recipes with his grandmother at the age of eight. He is a self-taught chef-driven by the endless possibilities to learn. READ MORE

General Manager, Owner

Vincent Jonna was approached to take over Vinology by his father in 2009 right after the 2008 recession. When he was offered a chance to run a restaurant and move to Ann Arbor he jumped at the opportunity. He comes from a family of Entrepreneurs and this was his time to embrace his family legacy. READ MORE

Head Server, Wine Expert

Terry grew up in the restaurant business with his mother working nights behind the bar and cleaning restaurants during the day Terry spent his early years in tow as his mothers assistant and at 15 got his first job in his first fine-dining kitchen. He spent years in Florida after High School as a corporate bar and kitchen staff trainer for a national chain of casual restaurants before moving to Michigan to attend the University of Michigan where he met his wife Ekaterina. READ MORE

Beverage Enthusiast

Ian is thrilled to bring his knowledge and expertise to Vinology.  Born in Ann Arbor, grew up in the Irish Hills area, and studied at the University of Michigan, he is happy to be back home. READ MORE

Sous Chef

Born and raised in Ypsilanti. I pursued an education in Mechanical Engineering while working in kitchens. I quickly realized that the kitchen is where I am happiest. I then attended the Culinary Arts program at Washtenaw Community College. READ MORE

Events Manager

Laura was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin, on the Menominee Indian Reservation, and is very proud of her heritage. READ MORE


Kristin is one of the leading wine and restaurant entrepreneurs in Metropolitan Detroit. She worked alongside her father in there in the gourmet and wine food business, Merchant of Vino, for most of her teenage and early college years.  It is there that she gained her passion and enthusiasm for wine and creative cuisine. After graduating from Michigan State University, Kristin moved to Sonoma Valley to spend a year working at Benziger Winery. Working closely with the winemaker and the winery’s hospitality team, she toured California, tasting thousands of wines and assisting in the winemaking process. READ MORE


John began his climb to professional renown over 30 years ago, in 1970, as one of the founding partners of The Merchant of Vino. While building a seven-store chain that was to become Metro Detroit’s forerunner in gourmet food and wine, he unleashed his passion for specialty foods, cheeses, wine, beer and spirits that elevated the stores and himself to a recognized world-class status. READ MORE