Vinology is a family environment. All parts of the work force, from the servers to the kitchen staff and on through the management, come together to create a positive, friendly, and productive setting. We are an extremely team-oriented restaurant that values hard-working individuals who can thrive in a high-paced, professional atmosphere.


At Vinology, we take great pride in our serving staff. We look for individuals who have a passion for excellent food and wine, as well as a drive to educate our customers about our industry. We need individuals with positive, outgoing attitudes, a willingness to work hard, and a drive to be an active part of our family environment.


We look for people who are outgoing, positive, professional, and welcoming to be a host or hostess here at Vinology. Also, our hosts have the ability to work well in a fast-paced environment and manage several tasks at one time. They are proactive and are always smiling!


Our bartenders have a passion for mixology! They are extremely creative and love to experiment with new cocktails! Bartenders here at Vinology are knowledgeable not only about wine, but all manner of beers and cocktails as well. We seek hard-working people who are sociable, friendly, and enthusiastic to be a part of our dynamic beverage program.

Serving Assistant

Our server assistants have a knack for being proactive. They work well under pressure, maintaining both speed and accuracy in their tasks. They assist every part of the staff, where and when necessary, to ensure our restaurant is cleanly and inviting. We look for individuals who are organized and always ready to help!

Kitchen Staff

At Vinology, we have high standards for the character of our food, and it is the responsibility of our kitchen staff to ensure that we meet, or exceed, those standards. All parts of the kitchen come together to create food that is fresh, tasteful, and represents our vision of excellence and quality in worldly, seasonal cuisine. We seek cooks who are professional and enthusiastic about what they do and are eager to try new things to expand our menu!


Our expeditors are professionals at mediating the activity between our kitchen and our dining rooms, working not only to ensure that the food comes from our kitchen in the highest quality, but also to make sure that all lines of communication remain open and flowing. They are detail-oriented and carry the same standards for excellence and quality for our food. They ensure that our cuisine is cooked correctly and presented precisely to our high standards. We seek individuals who are able to balance quality and precision in a high-volume, fast-paced environment.


Our dishwashers are a key part of our team-environment. They ensure that all dishes are clean and presentable. On high-volume nights, they ensure that all dishes are constantly stocked and ready to use. We seek individuals who are proactive and are capable of working in a fast-paced atmosphere.


Management is a crucial part of the Vinology family. Our managers are highly-capable, highly-skilled individuals who possess the ability to lead in a way that is both assertive and nurturing. They excel under pressure and possess the ability to maintain control of situations, as well as the ability to multi-task while doing so. Our managers can resolve issues quickly and calmly, and they embody our standards of professionalism and excellence. We look for individuals who can carry on our family dynamic and provide a type of leadership that corresponds to our restaurant’s needs.

We are always looking for qualified applicants. Please indicate in the subject line which position you are applying for. Please let us know why you want to work at Vinology and why you’ve left your current job. Also, attach your resume to the email.

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