Over the years, as his knowledge, experience and diversity have grown his passion has never wavered. He constantly travels the world to discover new products and ideas to introduce to his loyal customers at home. In 1994 he founded Merchant’s Fine Wine, a company that has again garnered respect as one of the state’s leaders in education on foods, wine and specialty items of all kinds. He is a member of the Detroit Wine Society and frequently provides educational seminars at private institutions across the state. He has also served on the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council Board.

In 2007, John Jonna sold the Merchant’s Fine Wine chain to pursue a wine bar concept created by himself and his daughter. Together, they have opened two locations in metro Detroit, Vinotecca Wine Bar and Vinology Wine Bar and Restaurant.

John Jonna is the consummate speaker, combining knowledge and humor in a manner which has put him in a tremendous demand for both corporate and private tastings, as well as a host for wine tours and food classes around the world. Providing education in an entertaining format, he has successfully gained respect in the wine industry as an entrepreneur and leader in wine sales and education.