We are OPEN for carry-out, retail and outdoor dining. In addition to our regular menu and Thanksgiving menu, we are offering the following specials for carry-out by Chef Alex Young.


Every dinner package comes with a COMPLIMENTARY bottle of wine! (sommelier’s choice)

  • Fried chicken dinner, mashed potatoes, gravy green beans $42
  • Filet mignon dinner, mashed potatoes, demi glac√©, green beans $95
  • Miso seared salmon dinner, miso glaze, shanghai noodles, glazed carrot/sesame stir fry $70
  • Asiago gnocchi dinner, arugula pesto, red peppers, mushroom ragout breadsticks $55
  • Duck casserole the dinner, green beans almondine $65 1 deposit casino nz.com
  • Argentinian deep dish pizza dinner, bread sticks, tapenade $25 (add chorizo $3)

Call (734) 222-9841 to place your order!