Graduating from Western Michigan University with a bachelors in business administration he obtaining a masters in accounting from the University of Michigan Dearborn. Vincent became a CPA around 2016. He worked 5 years in public accounting with the international company KPMG and Michigan based accounting firm Clayton & Mckervey. His focus was in auditing and financial statement presentation. 

Now with two kids Enzo and Izzy Vincent considers Ann Arbor to be his home. He enjoys being outdoors, gardening, tennis, chess and the theatre.  

Vincent values having talented staff who can maintain the core philosophy of wine-friendly, seasonal and world cuisine. Vincent also works hard to maintain loyal, quality staff who genuinely care about the guests. 

He hopes to expand Vinology with catering. As a connoisseur of wine and food Vincent hopes to elevate the quality of dining in Ann Arbor. He wants to be a part of the destination location in Ann Arbor for people from all over the world.